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Friday, December 23, 2011

FDA Issues Poisonous Toothpaste Alert

The United States Food and Drug Administration has recently issued a toothpaste alert for people to avoid buying any toothpaste that is marked as made in China. An import alert, to prevent the tainted toothpaste from entering the United States, has been issued as well.

The FDA has provided a complete list of toothpaste brands that contain the deadly chemical, diethylene glycol.

This alert comes after diethylene glycol was found in Chinese toothpaste that was illegally imported from Panama into the Dominican Republic in May 2007. Diethylene glycol is used as a solvent in antifreeze and is also the chemical that is blamed for taking the lives of at least 51 Central Americans after it was found mixed with cough syrup last October.

For full article: http://dentistry.about.com/od/researchandstudie1/a/taintedtp.htm

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