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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The management of traumatic tooth loss with dental implants

Br Dent J. 2014 Dec 5;217(11):627-33. doi: 10.1038/sj.bdj.2014.1050.
Chesterman J, Chauhan R, Patel M, Chan MF.

Traumatic dental injuries are relatively common causes of emergency presentation to general dental practitioners. There are well established guidelines for the management of traumatised teeth, which practitioners should be familiar with and able to deliver. Some teeth, however, are either lost at the time of injury or are found to have a hopeless long-term prognosis despite appropriate treatment. The first article in this two-part series covers the important aspects of maintaining teeth where possible, to preserve the supporting hard and soft tissues. It then describes the replacement of a single tooth lost due to trauma and the relative challenges faced. The second article covers more extensive trauma, involving multiple teeth and where significant supporting tissues are lost. It describes the replacement of teeth, including the hard and soft tissues with implant supported restorations, whilst highlighting the need for a multidisciplinary team in severe cases.

For Full Article: http://www.dentalarticles.com/pdf/?action=viewArticle&articleId=2426

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